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Here is a brief summary of some of our projects and corresponding services being provided.  For more specific project information, please select the link to the left for a particular project category.

  • Palomares Hills (Final Phase), Project Planner             
  • Palmeri Residence, Entitlements
  • Skyline Terrace Estates, Planning and Project Management
  • Ridgemont PMW, Entitlements
  • Doyle Street Co-Housing Association, Construction Project Management
  • Proctor Residential Subdivision, Environmental CEQA Analysis
  • St. Andrews Manor Renovation, Construction Project Monitoring

  • Batarse Arms, Planning and Project Management
  • Strobridge Affordable Housing Development, Project Planner
  • Thomas Berkley Square (TBS), Property Management Procurement and Entitlement Acquisition                                                        

  • Rockridge Montessori School II, Project Management
  • College of Alameda - Building A Renovation, Move Management
  • Redwood Day High School, Site Selection and Building Program Preparation
  • ECE for All, Outreach and Facilities Consulting
  • Cesar Chavez Educational Center, Planning and Project Management
  • Campus Drive-Merritt College, Planning
  • Oakland Unified School District - Facilities Master Plan Review
  • Oakland Unified School District - Facilities Master Plan Update
  • Peralta Community College District - Master Planning and Bond Reporting
  • Peralta Community College District - Program Management
  • Oakland Unified School District - Educational Specifications

  • Cosmopolitan Baptist Church - New Facility, Project Management
  • Bay Gospel Halls, Pre-Development and Entitlement Services
  • Pittsburg Seventh Day Adventist - Pre-Development Services

  • Contract Planning- Alameda County
  • Design Guidelines- Alameda County
  • EDAB Affordable Housing Study - Alameda County
  • Alameda LAFCo Planner

  • Leona Heights Sulfur Mine, Planning
  • EBMUD Dingee Pipeline and Claremont Center Aqueducts Replacements Project, Document Management and Admin Support