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As an extension of staff, IPA processed various land development applications for the unincorporated areas of Alameda County. Projects included Subdivisions, Site Development Reviews, Conditional Use Permits and Variances.

IPA prepared the draft of the County's first Residential Design Guidelines as the first step in an effort to prepare comprehensive, county-wide development standards. The project was placed on hold due to budgetary constraints.

In November 2001, the Jobs/Housing Task Force of the Economic Development Alliance for Business (EDAB) prepared the East Bay Jobs/Housing Report: Bringing Housing Into Balance, which was intended to explore the range of options and develop a comprehensive set of recommendations to address the multi-faceted issue of housing affordability.  That report, while not a comprehensive plan, represented a starting point for careful evaluation and consideration by cities, counties, advocates, and others as part of their ongoing efforts to address local housing needs.  At the same time, the report represented a call to action for the region to increase public and private investment in affordable housing.

As a next step, EDAB commissioned the Alameda County Housing and Community Development Department  (HCD) to conduct a study to identify the range of incentives and the type and extent of resources available to developers and providers of affordable housing in individual jurisdictions throughout Alameda and Contra Costa counties, as well as specific incentives and resources available to Redevelopment Agencies.

HCD retained the services of IPA Planning Solutions, Inc. (IPA) to conduct the required inventory and analysis. IPA developed one survey tool for all jurisdictions, including Redevelopment Agencies and Housing Authorities, requesting information on the incentives, resources and successful program/projects currently available in each jurisdiction and those under consideration. The resultant report is referred to as the EDAB 2002 Affordable Housing Study (Study).  The Study further included an assessment of the obstacles that local jurisdictions faced in adequately utilizing their affordable housing incentives and resources.