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The project consists of additions to the rear and east side of the existing 3000 sf building. The bulk of the 1800 sf addition will be added to the rear of the building. An addition will also be made to the east side entry for handicap accessible bathrooms and a more gracious foyer-entry.

This is a school expansion project that includes improvements to a church facility on a site located at 5633 Manila Avenue in Oakland, CA. IPA provided land use planning and entitlement consulting services.

IPA has been retained to provide comprehensive move management and coordination services associated with the renovation of DSPS department at Laney College for Short-term projects. On-going success on this project has been dependent on IPA's provision of specific instructions and oversight to ensure the consistent and orderly packing, storage, and re-assembly of equipment and materials with minimal disruption to the educational process.

IPA has been retained to provide comprehensive move management and coordination services associated with the renovation of Building A at the College of Alameda. On-going success on this project has been dependent on IPA's provision of specific instructions and oversight to ensure the consistent and orderly packing, storage, and re-assembly of equipment and materials with minimal disruption to the educational process.

Here is what our client's have to say:

  • “The entire dental assisting staff at the College of Alameda would like to express their appreciation to IPA.  Your representatives met with the dental staff on several occasions before the move to gain an understanding of the specialized dental equipment, and arranged for the proper moving, handling, and re-installation.  It was handled with proper communications and time frame. The dental assisting staff is very appreciative of all your efforts in the moving, re-installation and handling issues above and beyond this moving assignment.”
  • “I want to thank you and your entire crew for performing such a professional and outstanding job in moving all of the departments, their users and four instructional labs out of the existing A building and into the new portables. When you consider that your crew and the campus IT personnel moved three hundred and forty-eight network connections from one location to another, without disrupting instructional classes and with minimal down time to the departments ranging from the office of the president to student services, admissions and records and financial aid was an amazing accomplishment. In closing, I want to again, thank you for working so closely with the IT department and the College of Alameda”

IPA assisted the School’s building committee in identifying potential sites for the new high school. IPA identified eight potential sites meeting the requirements of the building program. The school’s building committee chose not to pursue the sites beyond the initial due diligence phase and placed the project on-hold.

Early Care and Education For All - ECE For All is a planning process that examines the resources and needs we have for care and education of children birth to five years of age in Alameda County. The purpose of this process is to: 

Develop a vision and goals for Quality Early Care and Education for all children in Alameda County, infants to five years of age.

Develop a countywide consensus on the vision and goals.

Develop a proposed implementation timeline and activities plan to work toward those goals. 

Design, Community and Environment (DC&E), an urban planning firm, lead a team of experts, including IPA, in conducting data development, soliciting and recording community input, facilitating development of recommendations, and finalizing reports.

The team of experts was responsible for comprehensive research, data collection and analyses in several areas of this project. The team also developed reports, conducted public meetings, and identified relevant policy issues and organized recommendations to the planning committees.  IPA's specific roles were as Facilities and Outreach Consultant.

This was a high-profile, politically and environmentally sensitive project. The work consited of demolition of existing buildings at a former Montgomery Ward site for the construction of a new elementary school, child development center and community center.

Ineda Adesanya directed a multidisciplinary team including attorneys, architects, engineers, CEQA consultants, and community facilitators and was the key player in managing and coordinating the project from inception through the first phase of construction. Duties were performed as staff (Facilities Manager and Director of Facilities).

Capital Development Program   During a one-year sabbatical, Ineda Adesanya oversaw construction projects at the four Peralta Colleges, a $152.3 million bond program that provided funds for infrastructure improvements at the 39-year old college district. Ineda also managed plant operations, including annual scheduled maintenance projects throughout the six-city district.  

Included in the program were master planning, design management, budget development and management, A/E selection and management, CM oversight, state agency liaison, bond oversight committee reporting and coordination.  The program included a new six-story urban campus, and several renovation projects to the District’s four campuses.In difficult times, Ineda was able to bring comfort to the Superintendent/Chancellor and governing Board by relying on her solid planning base that lead to confidence in decision-making all with impeccable interpersonal skills.  IPA coordinated activities and worked with everyone involved in the process to ensure current operations continue to flow smoothly and the program was a success. IPA has been in your shoes and knows from experience that the program must take place with minimum disruption and inconvenience to all involved:  the students, teachers, administrative staff, maintenance and custodial staff and the campus neighbors.

Master Planning and Bond Reporting  Its CEO having provided a one-year service as Director of Physical Plant and Construction, IPA was retained to provide facilities master planning and Measure E Bond reporting to the Peralta Community College District. Prior to IPA’s engagement by the District, Ineda Adesanya had served as Director of Physical Plant and Construction on a one year term contract. This effort involved working with the District’s Strategic Plan committee, preparing a facilities action plan, preparing a bond reporting action plan, submitting regular bond monitoring reports and preparing a framework, work plan and table of contents for a comprehensive facilities master plan. Preparation of the master plan was canceled for internal reasons. Acreage: over 200 acres developed.

  • "Ineda’s solid planning base and interpersonal skills provided the District confidence in decision-making on even the most complicated and controversial projects.  Ineda works with everyone involved in the process to ensure smooth operations and overall program success. She is a quick study, thinks well on her feet and is able to respond to complex questions in a competent and professional manner. Her oral reports before our Board of Trustees were concise and well founded. Her written reports were comprehensive, factually accurate and clearly presented….Ineda is a team player with solid leadership capabilities. If given the opportunity I would certainly hire Ineda again, and I strongly recommend that you consider securing her services for your program.”
    Elihu Harris, Chancellor, Peralta Community College District

The OUSD is the 5th largest school district in California.  It serves more than 54,000 students at over 90 schools sites. The total value of the district’s long-term capital facility needs exceeds $1 billion. As Planner, Manager and Director of Facilities over a five-year period, Ms. Adesanya was primarily responsible for the planning, implementation and oversight of this capital program. 

  • Long Range Facilities Master Plan  Ms. Adesanya managed and directed the preparation of the Oakland Unified School District’s first comprehensive, 15-volume, long-range facilities Master Plan, prepared by URS. This 18+ month process involved extensive and intensive community outreach and stakeholder participation, and detailed records management. The Plan assessed the District’s immediate and future facility needs and developed responses to provide adequate school facilities. Consideration was given to the District’s demographic data, the physical condition of the schools, and development activities that could impact the population and facility use. The Master Plan was completed in 2000.
  • Facilities Master Plan Update  In 2001, as Director of Facilities for the OUSD, Ms. Adesanya prepared Update of Facilities Master Plan. This plan was effectively the Five-Year Implementation and Cash Flow Projection Plan. It discussed and established priorities for $80 million of projects and presented updated demographic findings. The Update established a Master Project List for future capital development and concluded with a Cash Flow Projection detailing the amount of funds required to carryout the Plan.
  • Facilities Master Plan Review  Its CEO having previously managed and directed the preparation of the Oakland Unified School District’s long-range Master Plan, IPA was retained to conduct a thorough review of the Plan prepared by URS to determine completeness and compliance with the terms of an arbitration agreement.  This effort involved detailed analyses of the final Master Plan deliverable against the contract terms and agreed upon work plan. Specific attention to detail was key in completing this assignment. Acreage: approx. 460 gross acres. The review was completed in 2002.
  • District-wide Development Standards and Elementary Educational Specifications  Prior to forming IPA, Ineda Adesanya directed the preparation of the District’s first comprehensive development standards and specifications covering all areas of the capital program. The District’s Elementary School Educational Specifications (Ed Specs) were likewise developed by Beverly Prior Architects under the leadership and direction of then Facilities Manager, Ineda Adesanya.  These Ed Specs were based on the specific research and development of Educational Specifications for the Cesar Chavez Education Center.  An Educational Specifications Committee was formed. The educational specifications were developed through a series of meetings with Ed Specs committee members, site visits to other elementary schools, input from specialists (John Perry of Emerging Educational Technologies and Susan Goltsman of Moore Iacofano Goltsman), community participation, review of ed specs from other districts, and the involvement of various other District staff.  Drafts were developed and reviewed by all participants.  The Ed Specs Committee developed an action plan for producing the chapters that describe the activity areas and other site and building requirements. The standards and specifications were completed in 2001.

Here what OUSD had to say: “In the short time that I worked with Ineda, she demonstrated significant experience and knowledge in programming and implementing capital development projects, and in overseeing the master planning, design and construction of capital projects and in the acquisition of future school sites…I was also impressed with Ineda’s ability and willingness to do the work of her subordinates when and if necessary to keep the department as a whole on task and on schedule.  Her knowledge of the industry is invaluable”.

Timothy White, Assistant Superintendent of Facilities, Oakland Unified School District