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“Ineda’s solid planning base and interpersonal skills provided the District confidence in decision-making on even the most complicated and controversial projects.  Ineda works with everyone involved in the process to ensure smooth operations and overall program success. She is a quick study, thinks well on her feet and is able to respond to complex questions in a competent and professional manner. Her oral reports before our Board of Trustees were concise and well founded. Her written reports were comprehensive, factually accurate and clearly presented….Ineda is a team player with solid leadership capabilities.  If given the opportunity I would certainly hire Ineda again, and I strongly recommend that you consider securing her services for your program.”

Elihu Harris, Chancellor
Peralta Community College District – 2004

“Ineda was a very conscientious Planner concerned with the needs of the community at-large.   She demonstrated excellent public relations skills and was extremely resourceful.  Her architectural design background was a benefit to the entire department in the review of proposed development projects.  Ineda laid the foundation for and drafted the County’s first comprehensive Design Guidelines”.

James E. Sorensen, Agency Director                                                    Alameda County Community Development Agency – 2003

“I am pleased with IPA’s responsive, professional, and proactive services.   Since retaining IPA, I have gained significant progress towards securing entitlements for my development projects. In addition to her extensive and current knowledge of the industry, Ineda…maintains positive relationships with key City officials and personnel, which has proven invaluable.  Her community relations skills are extraordinary.”

Collin A. Mbanugo, M.D.                                                       Owner/Private Land Development – 2003

“In the short time that I worked with Ineda, she demonstrated significant experience and knowledge in programming and implementing capital development projects, and in overseeing the master planning, design and construction of capital projects and in the acquisition of future school sites…I was also impressed with Ineda’s ability and willingness to do the work of her subordinates when and if necessary to keep the department as a whole on task and on schedule.  Her knowledge of the industry is invaluable”.

Timothy White, Assistant Superintendent of Facilities                         Oakland Unified School District - 2002

“As a major urban school district Superintendent, I would consider myself fortunate to find as competent a leader as Ineda to assist in carrying out any capital development or improvement projects.  I strongly recommend that you consider securing her services for your program or project”.

Dennis K. Chaconas, Former Superintendent                                      Oakland Unified School District – 2002

“I realize that without your assistance and cooperation, the department would not have accomplished the successes it has.  Your fine record of cooperation, assisting and responding to the needs of the department is a high personal tribute to you”.

Percy Julian, Former Director                                                        Oakland Unified School District, Adult Education – 1998